Animejin News - 8th June 1997

Manga Video July Press Release

                          MANGA'S JULY RELEASES

On the 14th July 1997 Manga Video release two amazing action packed mecha
movies in the form of the devastating Detonator Orgun and Zeoraima: Project

Detonator Orgun

2292 AD. Earth is finally at peace, guarded by the ever-vigilant Earth Defence
Force. Bored with a life of automated luxury amidst the glittering towers of
Artificial City 5, student Tomoru Shindo saves the adventure and excitement of
the past. But while he loses himself in virtual reality dreams, a vast race of
lethal machine warriors has chosen Earth as their next target for invasion.
Tomoru is about to be given more adventure than he can handle....

Earth's only hope of survival is the Detonator Orgun unit, a renegade
cybernetic soldier being rebuilt within the EDF headquarters. Constructed from
alien data by the beautiful Professor Kanzaki, all Orgun needs to function is a
pilot - and that pilot must be Tomoru Shindo!

As the first machines descend from orbit to wreak havoc in City 5, Tomoru must
discover the true potential of Detonator Orgun before the EDF is overwhelmed
and the Earth destroyed. But something lurks deep within Orgun's memory, a
terrible secret which holds the key to the enemy's power - and to the future of
the human race....

Combining red hot-mecha action with stunning animation and technical design,
Detonator Organ is science-fiction anime at its best. The battle for Earth is about to

Zeoraima: Project Hades

For decades the secret Steel Dragon society has been slowly building its power,
ready for the moment when they will strike from their bases using the Hakkeshu,
eight giant robots with the power to destroy entire cities. But one Hakkeshu is
missing, the largest and most powerful - the Zeoraima. Before the Steel Dragons
can take hold of the world, the Zeoraima and its pilot must be annihilated...

Meanwhile, life for teenager Macato is turned upside down when a shadowy
government group kidnaps and imprisons him in a secluded facility. But nothing
can prepare him for the discovery of his own secret past. Macato finds that his
happy childhood was all a lie - born from an embryo stolen from the Steel
Dragons along with Zeoraima. His destiny is to become the machine's ultimate
pilot. Faced with the whirlwind-powered Lanstar and the deadly Steel Dragon
twins, Macato must tap in to his hidden dark side and unleash the aggression
within...but can he keep control?

Zeoraima: Project Hades features the first of two adventures of the Zeoraima -
watch out for parts three and four coming soon from Manga Video.

Title:           Detonator Orgun    Zeoraima: Project Hades
Label:           Manga Video        Manga Video
Release date:    14/7/97            14/7/97
Director:        Masami Ohbari      Toshihiro Hirano
Art Director:    Youichi Nango      Youichi Nango
Certificate:     15                 15
Running time:    150 mins           60 mins
Catalogue No:    MANV1188           MANV1192
RRP:             13.99             11.99


Kiseki Films Press Release

                              M.D. Geist II
                               DEATH FORCE
                         TOO DANGEROUS TO LIVE...
                         TOO POWERFUL TO DESTROY!

The planet Jerra is dying... During the final days of the war between the
Jerran resistance & the Nexrum invaders, the ultimate weapon was activated - a
doomsday device. Now the cities are cold and silent as the robotic apocalypse
known as "Death Force" stalks and slaughters every living thing on the planet.
But, from the desolate wasteland, frightened refugees tell stories of a lone
warrior with the power to defeat the Death Force robots - the genetically
engineered Most Dangerous Soldier: Geist. At last, the long awaited sequel of
M.D. Geist, from cult Director Koichi Ohata and as yet unseen, is finally here
and the story is put to rest in the midst of mankind's final battle...


Another Kiseki Films Press Release

                               ROOTS SEARCH

                        A Vidid & Horrific Vision

On the satellite Tolmeckius, Research Institute scientists are abuzz over the
tremendous psychic powers of Moira, an otherwise normal, though quite
attractive, female specimen.

Only moments after a particularly vivid horrific vision, Moira and the rest of
the crew find their ship in alarm mode. Exploring a passing ship whose close
proximity is thought to be the cause of this disturbance, Moira beholds an all
too familiar gruesome slaughter. She knows at once that the force they are up
against is far more powerful and certainly more terrifying than just any
runaway spaceship!

In fact an alien has invaded this ship and is slowly slithering into the minds
of the surviving crew members one by one. There this alien imparts a deluge of
painful, long forgotten memories upon its victims, before effecting a
devastating and fatal blow as an end to the nightmare. The mood of the
survivors crosses unknown boundaries of terror as they realise the alien
continues to accumulate victims despite the crew having ejected their attacker
into deep space.

Now, only Moira, with her keen psychic ability, is capable of coping with the
merciless psionic powers of this alien intruder. In a final desperate quest to
cease the systematic elimination of those around her, she learns something that
cannot possibly be true. Could it be that this seemingly vulgar and ruthless
being is acting in the name of God? And, if it is, then what is the fate of
Moira and the wounded crew member with whom she has fallen in love?

Coming in July, the most frightening video release of the summer, Roots Search.
Something deadly is on their minds...

                            CAT No:     KIS 94056
                            R.R.P.:       10.99