Animejin News - 4th May 1997

June Manga Release

The only anime release from Manga Video in June will be Grappler Baki, a
martial arts OAV. Two future titles in the pipeline are Detonator Orgun and
Harmagedon. Watch this space for details.


More Pioneer delays

After the release of Tenchi Muyo volumes 5 and 6 this month, Pioneer have now
delayed any further releases until at least September. This includes the
remaining volumes of The Hakkenden and Tenchi Muyo.

On a more positive note, the Sci-fi Channel is showing Armitage III, starting
on the 5th of May at 8pm. 


Manga Mania returns

After a long wait, Manga Mania will be returning to newsagents shelves on 15th
May. This will be the first issue produced entirely under the editorship of
Helen McCarthy.