Animejin News - 23th March 1997

Kiseki News

The release of M.D.Geist has been delayed by two weeks until 7th April. The
initial release will be the original version, which will be followed later by
the director's cut, after which the original version will be withdrawn.

Kiseki's next release will be Roots Search and budget (5.99) versions of Peek
the Baby Whale and Return of the Overfiend Episode 1 (both subtitled).


Neon Genesis Evangelion Press Release

                         "GIANT ROBOTS TO DIE FOR!"

"It has arrived - the epic animated science-fiction TV series that has taken
Japanese and US audiences by storm will soon be available to UK viewers. Part
one of Neon Genesis Evangelion, which contains the first two of the 26 gripping
episodes will be released on 12th May 1997. Neon Genesis Evangelion contains
all the necessary ingredients of a science-fiction & fantasy triumph - Biblical
prophecy, savage human drama and blistering hi-tech battle action all collide
in a spectacular orgy of violence and destruction."


"Fast forward to the year 2015 - Mankind is struggling to survive in the
aftermath of a global disaster that wiped out over half the entire population
of the Planet - Scientists attributed the large scale floods to the melting of
the Earth's Polar Ice Caps caused by a giant meteorite strike on Antarctica. In
this vulnerable state, thc Earth's survivors have an even bigger challenge to
face - terrifying beings known as Angels have targeted the planet for attack!
Mankind's only hope comes in the shape of Nerv, a special agency directly
attached to the United Nations that has succeeded in generating multi-purpose
fighting machines known as EVANGELIONS. Humanoid in form, thcse monumental
mechanical creations are the only force on Earth that can endure the Angel's
"Absolute Terror Fields" and ultimately destroy them. Mysteriously, the only
humans capable of piloting the EVANGELIONS are teenagers born exactly nine
months after the devastating floods occurred...The battle which determines
mankind's fate has begun..."

"Japanese anime fans world-wide desperately awaited the releast of Evangelion -
the first offering in four years from the maverick and highly esteemed Tokyo
animation studio, Gainax. The series has since generated a phenomenal
following - part one became Japan's best-selling animation video in '96. It
also spawned a best-selling comic book series, a Sega Satum game and over three
hundred dedicated Evangelion home pages on the world wide web."

"Neon Genesis Evangelion will be released on thirteen one-hour tapes each
containing two episodes, priced at 12.99. Part 1 has been awarded a PG
certificate and will be available from HMV, Virgin, Forbidden Planet and all
good video stores."

      "Vital Information: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Genesis 0:1 (Part 1)
                            Dubbed in English
                              RRP:- 12.99
                Certificate:- PG , running time:- 60 minutes
                       Catalogue number:- VHSEV/001D
                         UPC CODE: 7 02727 01773 5"