Animejin News - 9th March 1997

April Manga Releases

April's titles from Manga Video will be Blue Sonnet volume 2 and Shadow Skill.
Shadow Skill is a recent production, which has received favourable reviews from
fans who've seen it.

Also, a bit more information on Manga Video's 'Mean and Mercenary' label has
come to light. As well as compilations from their previous releases, the label
will include live action releases such as 'Tokyo Fist' and 'Choke'.


Pioneer slips a month

Alert fans will have spotted that Pioneer's promised release of Tenchi Muyo in
February failed to materialise. Volumes 5 and 6 of the series will now appear on
24th March instead. The rest of the year will see the release of Phantom Quest
Corp (2 volumes), the remainder of The Hakkenden (volumes 3-5), El Hazard (3
volumes) and Hyperdoll (1 volume) in that order. No exact dates for these
releases have been set.


Hannape Bazooka press release

                              "Fancy a Romp?
                              Hannape Bazooka"

"A.D. Vision announce the release of the hilarious Hanappe Bazooka, an
 animated fantasy-comedy with a healthy dash of sauce. If ever there was a good
 excuse to feature lesbian sex, orgies and bestiality (well almost!) in a
 cartoon then here it is. Hanappe (pronounced "Hannah Pay") is the name of the
 hapless lead character - He's just an ordinary sex-starved, spotty teenager
 barely able to contain his lust for the gorgeous girlies at his school and
 whatsmore he just has not got the knack to them in the sack! His relentless
 attempts to sow his wild oats continually get him into trouble with the hard
 nuts in the neighbourhood gang. Life would be so much simpler for Hanappe if
 he could have his way with any girl he pointed at! Well surprise, surprise
 this is exactly what does happen - Hanappe accidentally summons a pair of
 demons whilst indulging in his personal favourite leisure activity (ahem!),
 and they decide  to endow him with some unique powers. The trouble is, Hanappe
 soon learns that you can't have your cake and eat it when the demons turn his
 little life completely upside down. It all gets too much when he comes home
 one day to find his dad has set-up a harem in the front room, his mum is
 panting and grinding with a hairy monster in the bath and his sister is having
 a raunchy lesbian affair with a female demon. Fancy a romp with some laughs
 along the way? Then check-out Hanappe Bazooka!"

                            "Out on 24 March 1997
                            With English Subtitles
                                 RRP:- 12.99
                  Certificate:- 18, running time:- 50 minutes
                         Catalogue number:- VHSHB/001
                           UPC CODE: 7 02727 00863 4"

    "Full colour adverts in Comics International, Gamesmaster and Official
                             Playstation Magazine"