Animejin News - 23rd February 1997

A.D.Vision Plans for 1997

A.D.Vision have revealed their release plans for the rest of the year. After
Powerdolls this month, the provisional future schedule looks like this:

       March:    Hannape Bazooka (sub)
       May:      Evangelion volume 1 (dub)
       June:     Evangelion volume 2 (dub), Gunsmith Cats 3 (sub+dub)
       August:   Evangelion volume 3 (dub), Elicia (dub)
       October:  Evangelion volume 4 (dub), Super Atragon 2 (dub)
       December: Evangelion volume 5 (dub), Shutendoji (sub)

Evangelion will be released two episodes per tape. Gunsmith Cats 3 will contain
both subtitled and dubbed versions on the same tape. Elicia is a fantasy-style
OAV, Shutendoji is another creation of Go Nagai.

The current slow pace of releases is due to ADV changing their distributor, a
move with which they hope to improve their presence in the marketplace. They
will continue to supply specialist shops themselves, while the distributor
handles the mainstream retailers. A practical upshot of this is that only the
specialist shops will get the subtitled releases.


Kiseki Schedule MD Geist

Kiseki Films have now scheduled their next release, M.D.Geist, for 24th March.
The press release announcing this contained the following passage:

   "Although nobody at Kiseki was willing to confirm or deny recent
    rumours, it would seem that the latest problem has been caused by the
    5 minutes of "previously unseen footage" from cult director Koichi
    Ohata, the use of which has now, it would appear, been restricted, a
    move which, as you might expect, Kiseki are strongly resisting.

   "At the moment the row is being played down by the two companies
    involved, but it is sure to be a big blow, not just to Kiseki but to
    the whole anime market who saw the Geist films as this years 2 biggest
    sellers, helping to shoot Japanese Animation back into the big time