Animejin News - 9th February 1997

Anime Projects alive and well

I have managed to contact the owner of Anime Projects, Nigel Fisher and can report
that the company is still in business. Nigel has secured a distribution deal with RTM
(Rough Trade Marketing) and hopes to start releasing new titles within the next
few months. The next releases will most likely be the remaining English dubbed episodes
of Bubblegum Crisis and further volumes of the Urusei Yatsura TV Series.

The retail and mail order side of the business has been shut down, with the remaining
stock having been sold to the Sheffield Space Centre. The only merchandise Nigel
has kept are cels, which he is still dealing in.


March Manga releases

10th March sees the long awaited release of Macross Plus 4. This is the last
episode of the series which was delayed due to licencing difficulties. Also out on
the same date will be New Gall Force: New Era 2.

On 17th March, Manga will be launching their new 'Mean and Mercenary' label, the first
release being an hour long compilation of fight scenes from Manga's past releases.