Animejin News - 26th January 1997

Shinnenkai '98

Planning has started on the 1998 European Anime Convention - Shinnenkai '98.
Dates and venue are unlikely to change from this year - The Raddison Edwardian
Hotel, Heathrow from 2nd to 4th January 1998. Unfortunately, the hotel is not
willing to offer the same room rates as this year on any other weekend. None of
the content of the convention have been decided yet, but it is hoped that the
extra time available to plan the convention this time will ensure that this
years problems will not be repeated.


February Manga releases

Manga Video have confirmed their next releases on 10th February as Blue Sonnet
Volume 1, Makyu Senjo 2 and New Gall Force: New Era 1. Makyu Senjo 2 has been
censored by the BBFC.