Animejin News - 29th December 1996

Overfiend 4 Banned

Urotukidoji 4 - Infernal Road has been refused a release certificate by the
BBFC due to the "unacceptable graphic sex scenes" that it contains. This makes
it the second anime to be banned outright in the UK after La Blue Girl earlier
this year.


New Kiseki Releases

With the dropping of Urotsukidoji 4 from their schedule, Kiseki's next releases
are now a compilation of the Adventure Duo series on January 20th for 12.99, and
M.D. Geist, for which an exact date is not yet set.


Animex hits the shelves

Gaijin Press, the brainchild of long-time fan Josh Clark has published issue 0
of Animex, which describes itself as "the UK's only truly independent anime and
manga magazine". Within are articles on Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Crow, a
feature by Jim McLennan on Western films based on Eastern films and vice versa,
a page called "What's Your Beef" (a complaints page on the industry), and Harry
Healy's "Der Synchromeister" comic strip, all behind a colour cover by Wayne
Gratton. Issue 0 runs to 68 pages, costs 2.50 and claims to be available
throughtout most specialist stores (I got one from Forbidden Planet, London so
it's definitely out there!)