Animejin News - 15th December 1996

She's Back!

As predicted, Helen McCarthy is returning to her position as editor of a major
anime magazine next year. Titan Books appointed her the new editor of Manga
Mania on 9th December. The recent change to a bi-monthly schedule means that
the last issue before Helen takes over will be out this month, and her first
issue will be out in February. On the subject of content, Helen has stated that
she wants to evolve the magazine rather than change it, so don't expect any
radical differences yet. It is hoped that the magazine can eventually return to
a monthly schedule.


AD Vision and Anime Projects Split

Having successfully established itself, AD Vision have now severed their links
with Anime Projects and are going it alone, under the direct control of their
US parent company. With the recent closure of the Anime Projects shop, this
leaves Anime Projects somewhat stranded, although word is that they have
approached RTM (Pioneer's distributor) to set up a new deal.


AD Vision release plans

As previously announced, the next releases from AD Vison will be Buwn Up W 2 in 
January and Power Dolls in February. They will then be switching to releasing
two tapes every two months starting in March. One of the March releases will be
the first volume of Evangelion, containing 2 episodes for 9.99. All releases
will be English dubbed only.


First Pioneer releases for 1997

Pioneer have announced their first release for 1997, The Hakkenden. The first
two of five volumes will be release on 27th January for 12.99 each with three
episodes on each tape.