Animejin News - 6th October 1996

Manga Mania sold

The UK's only remaining anime and manga magazine, Manga Mania has been sold by
Manga Entertainment to Titan Books. No details of the deal are known.

This means that all you anti-Manga fans can now buy it now without fear of
putting money in Manga's pockets.


Tenji Public Day Details

The 'public day' at Tenji, The 1996 Manga Exhibition is happening on 12th
October (next Saturday). There will be six films (Patlabor 1&2, Crying Freeman
1-6, Ninja Scroll, Fist of the North Star), martial arts demonstrations, a
tattooist (doing semi-permanent tattoos) and hopefully a guest speaker.


November Manga Releases

Out in November from Manga Video will be New Gall Force 2, Dark Myth 1 and with
an eye on the Christmas market, Ghost in the Shell and Crying Freeman box sets.

The Ghost in the shell box includes a subtitled copy of the movie and a making-
of video, The Crying Freeman box is the whole series in one package.


Iczer 1 release planned by Anime Projects

Buried in the news section of the Anime Projects/AD Vision catalogue has been
discovered a claim that they will be releasing the Iczer 1 series at some point.
One phone call later, I found out that work on releasing it has to fit around
their commitments to AD Vision, and since this is taking 99% of their time, AP
are unlikely to get round to it soon.