Animejin News - 22nd September 1996

October Manga releases

Out on 14th October are 3x3 Eyes part 5, Bubblegum Crash 3, Junk Boy 1 and New
Gall Force 1. Junk Boy is Manga's first forey into the genre of soft-porn
comedy. New Gall Force is the collective name for Gall Force: Earth Chapter
1-3 and Gall Force: New Era 1&2. All five episodes will be released, but not
the original Gall Force trilogy that predates these episodes.


Shinnenkai gets into gear

Look out soon for the October issue of Manga Mania, which will contain a half
page ad for Shinnenaki: The 1997 European Anime Convention. Vast quantites of
flyers are being also being distributed nationwide, so there's no excuse for
not registering.