Animejin News - 11th August 1996

Kiseki announce deal with CPM

Kiseki Films have announced a deal with the US anime company Central Park Media
for the distribution of a number of anime titles in this country. The titles
licenced so far are M.D. Geist, Big Wars, Battle Skipper, The Humanoid and
Roots Search.

Here's a quote from the press release: "These titles will spearhead Kiseki's
releases well into next year, however, the deal is designed to take us not just
into 1997 but also beyond. US Manga was the first Western company to exploit
Japanese Animation and we are very proud that they have chosen us to lead them
into Europe."


New Manga Video web site

Manga video have recently completed a major revamp of their World Wide Web
site at . The new site has an on-line ordering
facility, chat area and a selection of downloadable video clips.


Superplay canceled

After reporting Helen McCarthy's return to Superplay last time, I completely
failed to notice that the latest issue is actually the last, as the magazine is
being discontinued. [Thanks to Stuart Gale for pointing this out.]