Animejin News - 7th July 1996

August Manga Video releases

Coming in August from Manga will be Violence Jack 2, 3x3 Eyes volume 3,
Bubblegum Crash 1 and the second Guyver compilation tape of episodes 5-8.

3x3 Eyes volume two is the first episode in the new OAV series that started in
Japan this year. Bubblegum Crash is the sequel to Bubblegum Crisis (released by
Anime Projects).


July AD Vision releases

Confirmed for release on 31st July are Sukeban Deka (60 mins, cert 15, £12.99)
and Princess Minerva (45 mins, cert 12, £12.99). ADV have told me that the
original release schedule that was published in Superplay and Manga Mania is no
longer valid and should be entirely ignored.