Animejin News - 30th June 1996

Crisis at Kiseki

Disaster struck Kiseki recently when the BBFC gave Digital Devil a 15
certificate UNCUT! A hurridly prepared press release assures us that it is
really gory, honest and you should all buy it anyway.


Channel 4 anime showings restart

As of this weekend, Channel 4 have taken up where they left off earlier in the
year, showing a selection of Manga Video releases after midnight in their 'Late
Licence' slot. The first showings are the remainder of Legend of the Four
Kings, which will be followed by Judge and Battle Angel.

There is also a repeat of 'Otaku' at 3.10am on 5th July. This is a French
documentary on Japanese otaku, concentrating mainly on idol and computer otaku.
Worth a look.


New address for Shinenkai

No news to report regarding the con, but there is now an official address for
all enquiries: 329 Finchhampstead Road, Wokingham, Berkshire RG40 3JT.


Not forgeting Minami Con II

A quick reminder about this convention, due to be held in Portsmouth on 21st
July. It looks like being the only anime convention in the UK this year. For
details contact Mark Cleaver, 15 New Road, Fair Oak, Eastlaigh, Hants SO50 8EN