Animejin News - 23rd June 1996

Bradford Animation Festival

The National Museum of Film and Photography in Bradford is holding 
an "Animation Festival" between 5th and 11th of July. Amongst the showings will
be Akira, Lensman, Ghost in the Shell and Armitage III. A director of one of
the features will reportedly be appearing to answer questions.


Movie Channel Miyazaki Showings

Those of you worried about missing either Totoro or Porco Rosso on the Movie
Channel may be please to know that each movie will be repeated several times
during the coming months, so you have plenty of time to catch them. Here are
the dates and times I have found out so far:

My Neighbour Totoro:
  8/6/96 08:00, 17/6/96 16:00, 27/6/96 08:00, 14/7/96 10:00, 26/7/96 07:30

Porco Rosso:
  9/6/96 08:00, 21/6/96 16:00, 29/6/96 10:00, 13/7/96 10:00


uk.arts.anime proposed

The creation of a UK anime newsgroup on usenet has been proposed. Anyone
interested in the proposal should join the group, where
discussion is currently taking place.


I-did-not-say-this-you-are-not-here department

Manga Entertainment is financially stable again due to Ghost in the Shell

Western Connection is dead.

Due to commitments with AD Vision, Anime Projects will not be licensing any
further Animeigo titles for at least six months

Animeigo's reaction to this is entirely reasonable under the circumstances.

Bloomsbury have dropped plans to translate the Sailor Moon manga.

However, there will be more Iron Fist Chinmi books.

Helen McCarthy's new book 'The Anime Movie Guide' is finished and printed.
Copies will be hitting shops any day now.

Of course the big question is whether there will be a new magazine to replace
Anime FX. All I can report is that negotiations are currently underway,
Helen is talking to various people about producing a new magazine, but
nothing has been decided yet.