Animejin News - 26th May 1996

In deference to the limitations of ASCII, the character '#' is used to represent
a pound sign in the following item.

Con-T and the London Anime Club presents:

                 SHINENKAI - The 1997 European Anime Convention

SHINENKAI will be held on January 3rd-5th 1997 at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel,
Heathrow, London. The Radisson Edwardian is a five star hotel, awarded 'Best
New Bussiness Hotel in the World 1993' and 'Best Airport Hotel in the World

Confirmed Guests: Helen McCarthy, Steve Kyte, Wil Overton, Toren Smith.

Unconfirmed Guests: Adam Warren, Go Nagai, Kosuke Fujishima, Izumi Matsumoto.

There will be five video rooms (including full shojo/bishonen ai programme),
dealers room, panels, games room, fan room, costume parade and other events.

A fully equiped CyberCafe with free, 24-hour internet access will be running
throughout the entire weekend.

Registration for the weekend costs #20 until 1st August, #25 until 1st December,
#30 on the door. There will be a special one-day rate for Saturday of #20.
As an incentive to pre-register, all forms received by 1st December will be
entered into a draw for a special prize.

Discounted room rates have been negotiated with the Radisson Edwardian for
attendees. Prices per person per night will be #45 for single rooms, #40 for
double rooms, and #35 for triple rooms (these are an 80% discount on the
hotel's usual rates).

For full details and a registration form, please send an A5 or A4 SSAE to:

Shinenkai registration forms,
65 The High,
Streatham High Road,
SW16 1EY

NB: This is not the official convention address, which will be announced
shortly. Please do not send correspondence concerning the convention to this


Release News

The next Pioneer release will be episode 4 of 'Armitage III' on June 17th.

Kiseki have scheduled 'Rei Rei' for release on 22nd July, but this is BBFC
permitting, so don't count on it.

Due to a contractual hold-up, AD Vision have delayed the release of the Street
Fighter II TV series, which has been replaced by Princess Minerva in the July
releases. Despite promises, I have not received any press releases from AD
Vision, so I must apologise for my lack of coverage of their releases.