Animejin News - 19th May 1996

TV roundup

Manga Entertaiment sent me a press release about forthcoming TV screenings of
their films:

Channel 4 will be screening Battle Angel Alita, Judge and the final episodes of
Legend of the 4 Kings from June 1996 in their Saturday night Late License slot.

The BBC have signed up 3 feature films which are scheduled for transmission
some time this year: Wings of Honneamise, Patlabor 1 and Roujin Z. The BBC are
hoping these broadcasts will emulate Akira, which attracted an audience of 1.25
million when it was screened in 1994.

The Sci-Fi Channel (cable and satellite) has been screening episodes of The
Guyver weekly from 21st April, together with Appleseed (28th April), Monster
City (5th May), Space Adventure Cobra (12th May), Lensman (19th May), Venus
Wars (26th May), Golgo 13 (2nd June), Ninja Scroll (9th June), Wind of Amnesia
(16th June), Megazone 23 (23rd June), and Fist of the North Star (7th July).


Convention news

Bad news, bad news and good news:- 1. There will be no Contaminate convention
this year; 2. The London Anime Convention has been canceled; 3. Instead, the
organisers have banded together to launch the European Anime Convention 1997,
which will be held in January 1997 in London. No details are decided yet, but
the phrases "commercial sponsorship", "Japanese guests" and "five star hotel"
have all been mentioned.


AD Vision confirm Evangelion

After the last bulletin in which I stated that AD Vision did not necessarily
have the rights to release Evangelion, I received a message from them
confirming that they do indeed have the worldwide English language rights and
will be releasing it.