Animejin News - 5th May 1996

Kiseki News

The first proper issue of the Kiseki Club magazine 'Miracles', has been
released, containing some very silly things indeed, and a release schedule for
the rest of 1996. Unfortunately, they are behind schedule already - Sol Bianca
has just been released and the next title will be Digital Devil on 17th June.


Evangelion to get UK release

More details of AD Vision's plans for UK releases are emerging, including the
news that the hottest TV series for years, Neon Genesis Evangelion will be
released starting late this year. For those of you who have been following the
fate of the English rights to the series, there is still no absolute
confirmation that the rights have been secured by ADV.


The Anime Movie Guide release imminent

The release of Helen McCarthy's new book, The Anime Movie Guide, has now been
scheduled for early June, priced 9.99.