14th April 1996

La Blue Girl Banned

In an historical first for the UK anime industry, the BBFC have refused outright to grant a certificate for the UK release of La Blue Girl. This honour was nearly achived last year by Kekko Kaman, but that series was reprieved at the last minute.

May Manga Releases

Confirmed for release on 13th May are Violence Jack 1, Giant Robo 4, Ghost in the Shell, Mad Bull 4 and a Genocyber 1-3 compilation. Manga Publishing is currently in a slow patch with nothing scheduled for release soon.

All change at Manga again

The dropping of La Blue Girl from Manga Video's schedule has resulted in another reshuffle. Here is the latest release plan:

10th June    : Violence Jack 2, Giant Robo 5, Castle of Cagliostro

8th July     : Violence Jack 3, Giant Robo 6, Hyper Psychic Geo Garaga,
               3x3 Eyes Part 3, Makyu Senjo 1, Secret of Mamo

12th August  : Giant Robo 7, 3x3 Eyes Part 4, Makyu Senjo 2, Bubblegum Crash 1

9th September: Hadashi no Ginrei, 3x3 Eyes Part 5, Bubblegum Crash 2,
               Invasion High School 1, Goodbye Lady Liberty, Legend of Lemnear

Violence Jack is another series created by Go Nagai of Devilman fame. Castle of Cagliostro, Secret of Mamo and Goodbye Lady Liberty are various Lupin III films. Hadashi no Ginrei is a Giant Robo spin-off.

Pioneer News

The third episode of Armitage III - 'Heart Core' goes on sale on 7th May priced £6.99. Later this year we are promised the released of Phantom Quest Corp, The Hakkenden, El Hazard and further episodes of Tenchi Muyo.