31st March 1996

AD Vision UK launches

In a move sure to please fans everywhere, the US anime company AD Vision is setting up a UK branch for distribution of its titles in Britain. AD Vision UK is being run by Nigel Fisher, previously responsible for Anime Projects, which will share distribution and PR with the new company.

The first titles to be released will be Gunsmith Cats and Dragon Half on June 3rd, followed by Suke Bandeka and Street Fighter II (the TV series) in July. All titles will be released in subtitled format, with major titles being available in English aswell.

Kiseki Club relaunched

In an effort to promote their new release, Kiseki have relaunched the Kiseki club. This will feature a new club newsletter called Miracles, edited by Peter Cullen (of Red Leopard fame). If you're not on their mailing list already, write to Kiseki Video, 5&6 Parkside, Ravenscourt Park, London W6 0UU.