24th March 1996

Japan Day 1996

At rather short notice, I have learned about this event, which is being held at King's College London Student's Union next Saturday (30th March) from midday until 5pm. The program concentrates on the traditional arts and crafts of Japan, although the word 'manga' can be found lurking near the bottom of the list. Admission is 50p.

Another Manga reshuffle

Here is the latest updated Manga Video release schedule:

15th April : Vampire Princess Miyu Part 2, Giant Robo Part 3,
             Mad Bull Part 3, Cyber City 1-3

13th May   : La Blue Girl 1&2,  Giant Robo Part 4, Ghost in the Shell - dub,
             3x3 Eyes Part 3, Mad Bull Part 4, Genocyber 1-3

10th June  : La Blue Girl 3&4, Giant Robo Part 5, Hyper Psychic Geo Garaga,
             Castle of Cagliostro, 3x3 Eyes Part 4

8th July   : Giant Robo Part 6, La Blue Girl 5 & 6, 3x3 Eyes Part 5,
             Makyu Senjo 1, Secret of Mamo

12th August: Giant Robo part 7, Makyu Senjo part 2, Bubblegum Crash part 1