10th March 1996

April Manga Video releases

Out next month will be Mad Bull 3, Giant Robo 3, Vampire Princess Miyu volume 2, and the Cyber City Oedo collection containing all three episodes on one tape.

In an interesting bit of cross promotion, the Ghost in the Shell video that is being released in May will have a trailer on it for the forthcoming computer game Syndicate Wars from Bullfrog Productions. In return for this, Bullfrog will be inserting the Manga Video logo into the game.

Armitage III part 2

In a quite stunningly predictable move, Pioneer have announced their next release to be Armitage III part 2, which will be out on 25th March for £6.99.

More Chinmi

The success of the UK edition of the Iron Fist Chinmi manga from Bloomsbury has been confirmed with the announcement of further parts to be released. Volumes 7 and 8 are in production now. The release of the Sailor Moon manga in the UK is still planned, but Bloomsbury have still not received the contract from Japan yet.