3rd March 1996

More Manga titles for 1996

Future plans for Manga Video release have been revealed:

15th April: Stand Up, Vampire Princess Miyu Part 2, Chung King Express, Giant Robo Part 3, Mad Bull Part 3, Cyber City 1-3.

13th May: La Blue Girl 1&2, Giant Robo Part 4, Ghost in the Shell - dub, 3x3 Eyes Part 3, Mad Bull Part 4, Geno Cyber 1-3.

10th June: La Blue Girl 3&4, Giant Robo Part 5, Hyper Psychic Geo Garaga, Castle of Cagliostro, 3x3 Eyes Part 4.

8th July: Giant Robo Part 6, LA Blue Girl 5&6, 3x3 Eyes Part 5, Makyu Senjo 1, Secret of Mamo.

As usual, this is all subject to change.

Anime FX 12

The latest and last (for now) issue of AFX is out, containing satisfying doses of Godzilla vs. Destroyer, Nadia (the original one), Monkey (various), Goku - Midnight Eye, Yamato and The Spirit of Wonder.

East2West pull out of anime

East2West have pulled out of the anime market, deciding to concentrate on their Hong Kong movie line. Titles which they have already licensed (i.e. the rest of Babel II) may or may not appear sometime in the future.

J-Fan suspends publication

Confirming many peoples suspicions (due to the long delay since issue 2), J-Fan magazine is no longer publishing because of low sales. The magazine may relaunch in the future.