4th February 1996

Anime FX 11 out

Another month, another dose of everyone's favourite anime mag. This issue we have The Secret of Blue Water, Hong Kong Comics, Buichi Terasawa, Koichi Ohata, Anime Research and Katsuhito Otomo.

Yet more anime on TV

It has been brought to my attention (thanks Jason) that the Paramount TV channel on the Astra satellite system is broadcasting some anime at the moment. Program times are: Project A-Ko on Sundays at 22:30, Dominion Tank Police on Sundays at 11:20 and The Guyver on Thursdays at 23:30.

Helen's new book

Helen McCarthy's new anime related book - 'The Anime Movie Guide' - is now scheduled for an April release. The book is a comprehensive guide to anime movies and OAVs released since 1983 and is a follow-up to her previous book 'Anime - A Beginner's Guide'. The price has not yet been finalised, but is expected to be 'around' (i.e. a bit more than) £10. And before you ask - it's called a Movie Guide even though it covers OAVs in order to fit in as part of Titan Books' 'Movie Guide' series.

New Anime Club in Yorkshire

Duncan Law-Green of the Yorkshire Area Team Anime has e-mailed me asking me if I can include club news in these bulletins. Well of course I can, nobody's asked me before! Here is Ducan's plug for his club:

"I've just set up a new anime fan club in West Yorkshire. The club is called Yorkshire Area Team Anime (YATA) and meets every two weeks at the Apperley Manor Hotel, Apperley Bridge, Bradford on Sunday evenings. The venue has a licensed bar which is open for the whole of the evening. The video programme runs for about 2 to 2 1/2 hours, all of which so far has been subtitled anime which has not yet been commercially released in the UK. The video programme is decided by members' requests. There is currently no charge for membership or watching the video programme. For further information contact: Duncan Law-Green, tel: (0113) 2503801, email:, or Stuart Dawson, tel: (0113) 2503883, email:".

Anybody else wanting publicity for any club or event they know of, please tell me and I will be glad to include it. These will also be added to the permanent 'Clubs and Conventions' page on the Web site.