28th January 1996

More anime on TV

Channel Four are extending their 'Manga on 4' season by broadcasting Legend of the 4 Kings in the same slot on Saturday nights. Since this is not one of the titles intially announced when the showings started, it hopefully indicates that the screenings have been a success.

Other Kiseki Aquisitions

Kiseki have added two more titles to their list of forthcoming releases - Rei Rei and Return of the Overfiend 4. Sources close to Kiseki estimate that at least 10 minutes of footage needs to be edited from RotO4 to get it released here.

No AUKCon 2 Yet

Due to difficulties in finding a suitable venue, the organises of AUKCon 2 have posponed the convention until at least August this year.

Another new company?

Highly unsubstanciated rumour has it that ex-Manga Entertainment MD Andy Frain is attempting to set up his own independent production company as a rival to his old employer.