7th January 1996

February releases from Manga Video

Confirmed for release on 5th February are Mad Bull 1, Giant Robo 1, Goku - Midnight Eye 1 and Time Etranger. Mad Bull and Giant Robo will be release one episode a month, Goku 2 is planned for May. Castle of Cagliostro is now listed as a June release and the new 3x3 Eyes series is down to start in May. Remember kids, releases are only finalised six weeks before the tapes come out, so please don't rely on these dates being kept to.

Andy Frain leaves Manga Entertainment

Yes, all those rumours we've been hearing are true - Andy Frain has been sacked by Island World from his position as managing director of Manga Entertainment. He has been replaced by the former sales and marketing director, Mike Preece. This is apparently all part of a major reshuffle due to Manga's financial problems.

One useful consequence if that MEL are now on speaking terms again with Anime FX. Look for better coverage from them in the future.

More soundtracks from Demon Records

Demon Records have accounced the release in March of two additions to their catalogue of Manga Video soundtracks. The new discs are Macross Plus volume 2 and Patlabor.

Anime FX 10 out

The first 1996 issue of Anime FX is out, with articles on Iczer One, Giant Robo, Gainax, Zeiram, Armitage III, second part of the Complete Ultraman and Robocon 10, plus all the usual regulars.

Budget releases from Kiseki

This is from Kiseki's latest press release:

"In a bid to encourage new, first time Anime customers, titles such as, The Return Of The Overfiend, Macross Series 2, Plastic Little and Adventure Duo will soon be available for as little as £5.99, and the iniative has already been received with a great response from major distributors.

"The market needs to encourage not only younger fans," says Sales and Marketing Director Gary Peet, "but also those hard core fans who like purchasing collector series" but who in the past, have not been able to afford it. Hopefully now, this range of titles, which cover all of our top sellers, will encourage these fans as well as attracting new Anime supporters."

The first budget titles will be released in January: Plastic Little, Ambassador Magma Vol 1 and Macross Do You Remember Love?