10th December 1995

Manga Video Releases

Out on 8th January from Manga Video will be Buichi Terasawa's Kabuto, Bounty Dog, and Project A-ko 6 (aka A-ko the Vs: Grey Side).

Further, tentative dates are as follows:
Castle of Cagliostro:February
Goku - Midnight Eye:February
Mad Bull:monthly from February
Giant Robo:monthly from February
La Blue Girl:monthly from March
Vampire Princess Miyu:monthly from March
Ghost in the Shell (dub):April

Anime FX 9 out

December's Anime FX was actually out last week, but I forgot to write it up. This month we have articles on the London Virtual World site, how to cope with world video standards, Darkside Blues, yet more Ghost in the Shell, animation in Korea, 3x3 Eyes, a overview of the history of english manga translations, Fairy Princess Reine, Recontaminated review, F.A.C.T.S. reviews, You're Under Arrest CDs, the first part of 'The Complete Ultraman', plus all the usual regulars. open for business

The UK's first on-line anime shop has opened. Otaku Publishing can be found on the world wide web at, where they are offering a range of anime good direct from Japan.