3rd December 1995

Armitage Release Official

The press release for Armitage III arrived this week, revealing that the first episode will be released on 22nd January for a bargin price of £6.99.

Channel 4 manga restarted

I managed to completely miss it, but in case you haven't - Channel 4 have restarted the 'Manga on 4' season on Saturday nights. Doomed Megalopolis is currently being shown, and will presumably be followed by Devilman later.

Back in the real world...

"...I've been exploring the male tradition of leadership through personal sacrifice. Specifically, I've been doing this by getting up early to check out the reruns of Ulysses 31, the (loose) retelling of Greek mythology in the form of a French-Japanese sci-fi cartoon. It's not as good as Mysterious Cities of Gold, but worth taping purely for the song at the end, which implies that the big U chose his name solely on the basis that it rhymes with "soaring through all the galaxies". You see, Ulysses is a single dad, but the Child Support Agency is the least of his worries as he battles numerous space-bound items of religious imagery - this week including the Sphinx, a "Seat Of Forgetfulness", and "The Temple of the Legistrones" - accompanied by his son (who he calls "My Son"), a blue alien girl, and a robot that eats nails. And they say that these old stories aren't relevant any more." - David Green, The Guardian