12th November 1995

J-Fan debuts

The first issue of this new magazine was hot off the press at Recontaminated. Under a Dragonball cover and a pair of free Anime Projects trading cards are 68 pages of magazine for £2.25. Contents include articles on Dragonball merchandise, Hayao Miyazaki, Kishin Heidin and Project A-Ko.

Anime FX 8 out now

The latest issue of everyone's favourite anime mag also came out this week. This month: The Cockpit, Sol Bianca, Newtype, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Comiket, Ghost in the Shell, Angel Cop, Gun Smith Cats, Babel II, Adventure Duo, and all the usual regulars

New Manga Video titles for 1996

Loads of new series are planned for release in the new year. Giant Robo, Mad Bull, Kabuto, 3x3 Eyes, Goku - Midnight Eye, Vampire Princess Miyu and La Blue Girl are all officially listed as coming soon. Other known releases are the remaining Project A-ko and Macross Plus episodes, and Ghost in the Shell which is tentatively scheduled for April. Yes, you did read that correctly - Manga Video are going to release La Blue Girl in the UK. Somehow I don't think this will make it out uncut.

Further Manga Publishing releases planned

More manga collections from Manga Publising are planned for next year, including Appleseed 2 and Crying Freeman 2.

Bloomsbury news

All six volumes of Iron Fist Chinmi are now out. An English version of the Sailor Moon manga is being planned, but no contracts have been signed yet.

SD gets a PG

The SD double feature from Anime Projects has finally got a PG certificate. The release date is not known yet.

Ghost in the Shell locations

Here is a list of the cinemas so far confirmed to be showing Ghost in the Shell from 8th December:

   Birmingham MGM      0121 622 3323    London      MGM Trocadero     0181 970 6015
   Brighton   MGM      01273 818094     Manchester  MGM Salford Quays 0161 873 7279
   Bristol    Showcase 0117 972 3434    Northampton MGM               01604 583 535
   Glasgow    MGM      0141 332 9513    Nottingham  Showcase          0115 9866766
   Leeeds     Showcase 01924 420069     Slough      MGM               0181 970 6014