22nd October 1995

Sailor Moon hits Europe

Fans who can't wait for the English version of Sailor Moon to hit the UK can now pick the show up via satellite. The German channel ZDF has just started broadcasting the German version, and the Japanese version starts on JSTV this week.

No news is bad news

There is still no confirmation from Kiseki, Anime Projects or Western Connection of the release of any of their forthcoming titles. The SD Double Feature from Anime Projects is being classified as four seperate films by the BBFC, and they have so far returned only one part (it got a PG).

This weeks Ghost in the Shell bit

The music is being changed for the English release. The new opening theme is an original track by U2.

Admin note

I have started a small mailing list to keep contributors up to date with the state of Animejin. If you would like to be on the list please e-mail me.