15th October 1995

Anime UK 7

The October issue of Anime UK is out, weighing in at 68 full-colour pages for the usual £2.70. In this issue:

News: A couple of things I didn't know about:- Firstly, Helen McCarthy is writing a follow-up to Anime! A Beginner's Guide to Japanese Animation. It will be called The Anime Movie Guide: 1983-94 and will be released next Spring. Also, Bloomsbury Publishing's release of Ironfist Chinmi has been sucessfull enough for them to extend the series, and start planning their next title to be released in 1996 - Sailor Moon.

Articles: Tokyo Toy Show, Starblazers comics, Noboru Ishiguro, Demon Records, Ghost in the Shell, Barefoot Gen, Windaria, Haruhiko Mikimoto, Idol Project, Anime in Australia and Minamicon. Whew!

Plus all the usual regulars. This month's competitions are a draw for copies of the new Pioneer releases, and some tough questions to answer for some Wedding Peach cels

Ghost in the Shell premier rescheduled

The UK premier of the Ghost in the Shell movie, has been moved back a week from 4th November to the 11th. The good news is that this no longer clashes with Recontanimeted; the bad news is that it starts at 11:30pm! Location is still the same: Odeon 2, Leicester Square, London.

Kiseki releases

The delays in releasing titles from Kiseki are due to a slow period at the BBFC. They hope to be releasing Sol Bianca and The Cockpit on 20th November, and Sol Bianca 2 and Digital Devil in January. Trivia department: The Cockpit is directed by Yoshiaki Kawagiri (Wicked City, Ninja Scroll); the mecha designer for Sol Bianca also worked on Tenchi Muyo.