1st October 1995

November releases from Manga Video

The main release for Manga this month are Patlabor II and Project A-Ko 4. With an eye onthe Christmas market, there are also two compilations to be released - A double pack of Patlabor I + II (19.99) and the Cyberpunk Box Set - the entire AD Police, Genocyber and Cyber City Oedo series' in one package (39.99).

Ghost In The Shell dates confirmed

The premiere of Ghost in the Shell will take place in London at The Odeon, Leicester Square on Saturday 4th November at 9pm as part of the London Film Festival. The nationwide release starts on 8th December and plays throughout the month at 20 cinemas around the country. Check local press for details.

Sony Playstation sells out

Only vaguely anime related I know, but it is interesting. The Sony Playstation is a Japanese next generation gaming console that was released in the UK on Friday (29th September). The Virgin Megastore in Oxford Street, London had sold their entire stock of the new machines by Friday afternoon. Every other supplier I checked was cleaned out by Saturday. Still plenty of Sega Saturns left though...