3rd September 1995

Manga Video October Releases

As previously reported, the headline release for MV in October is Street Fighter II - The Animated Movie. This month's other releases will be Angel Cop 6, Orguss 02 volume 3, and Maddox-01 which has been brought forward. All releases will be out on 2nd October.

Ghost In The Shell aims big

Negotiations are currently under way for the theatrical release of Ghost in the Shell, a movie based on the comic by Masumune Shirow that is being funded by Manga Entertainment. Serious interest is apparently being shown by MGM to release the film nationwide, rather than the usual art-house circuit. A release date has not been decided, but is expected to be no earlier than December.

Other snippets

The theatrical release of Patlabor 2 has been put back until the end of October.

Compilation tapes containing the whole of Adventure Duo and Return of the Overfiend are being released by Kiseki.

Samurai Pizza Cats is being rerun on ITV! Time and day vary from area to area. Check your local listings for Saturday and Sunday mornings.