27th August 1995

New Pioneer Releases

After a long gap, Pioneer have finally announced three new releases. The impressive mecha series Kishin Heidin is concluded with volumes 3 and 4 of the series, and the wacky goings on at the Masaki Shrine continue in Tenchi Muyo 4 - The Night Before the Carnival. All three tapes will be released on 25th September for £12.99 each.

Anime Projects delays

Most of the new Anime Projects releases (such as the model kits) have been delayed. The exception is the SD Double Feature which will go on sale in September as planned. When this tape was submitted to the BBFC for classification, they insisted that the mini-documentaries after each feature were seperate items and demanded four fees for the job. AP responded by carefully examining the rules and then claiming that the documentaries were exempt from classification entirely due to their documentary/music video format. Stay tuned for further developments.