6th August 1995

New Kiseki Titles

After many months of inactivity, Kiseki Films have leaked some details of their Autumn release plans. Dates have not been finalised, but the list of titles includes Sol Bianca 1 & 2, Leiji Matsumoto's The Cockpit and Digital Devil Story.

Manga showings in London

The Metro Cinema in London will be showing a season of Manga Entertainent features starting on 16th September. Scheduled are:-

      16th Sept : Wicked City, Space Adventure Cobra
      23rd Sept : Appleseed, Patlabor
      7th Oct   : Wings of Honneamise
      14th Oct  : Appleseed, Legend of the Overfiend
      21st Oct  : Wicked City, Golgo 13: The Professional

The Metro is located in Rupert St (near Planet Hollywood). Phone: (0171) 287 1963, Fax: (0171) 734 7470

The theatrical premiere of Patlabor II will be at 6:30pm on 22nd September at the Prince Charles Cinema, with further showings on 27th and 29th September

Snippets from Mangazine

Some interesting bits of information from the 'Summer '95' edition of Mangazine, the Manga fan club newsletter, and the Septemeber 'Manga Monthly' trade bulletin:

Big feature on the Street Fighter II movie. As with the Japanese release, much space is given to Cammy, despite her only getting about 30 seconds screen time in the whole film!

Project A-ko has sold 18,000 copies in the UK so far. Further parts will be released on 4th Sept, 6th Nov, 15th Jan and 4th Mar.

The Heroic Legend of Arislan 1 & 2 have combined sales of 25,000. Part 3 will use the spelling Arslãn, due to contractual obligation with the Japanese rights holders, who didn't like the change. Manga maintain that "Arslan might sound like a bum of a program", and have settled with putting a tilde mark on the second a.