30th July 1995

September releases from Manga Entertainment

Another quiet month on the video front for Manga, with only four new tapes to be released. The Heroic Legend of Arslan volume 3 tops the bill, containing episodes 3 and 4 of the series. Also available will be Project A-ko 3, Angel Cop 5 and Dominion 10.

Patlabor 2 will receive a short theatrical release in September, prior to it's video release in November

Channel 4 Schedule

Those of you suffering from insomnia (or who own a VCR), can tune into the 'Manga' season that they are currently running. The current plan is to show one 45 minute feature each Saturday night after midnight on Channel 4. The schedule so far is: July 22nd - Tokyo Babylon 1, July 29th - Tokyo Babylon 2, August 5th - Cyber City Oedo 808 File 1, August 12th - Cyber City Oedo 808 File 2, August 19th - Cyber City Oedo 808 File 3. Devilman and Doomed Megalopolis will follow, but dates on these have not been confirmed.

Western Connection plan more releases

A new crop of release from Western Connection is planned for later in the year. Unfortunately, they can't tell me what titles are involved other than that there will be more Devil Hunter Yokho, and one title that has only just been released in Japan.