16th July 1995

New look for Anime UK

From issue 5, Anime UK will be all colour, 8 pages longer and is changing its name to Anime FX. Contents of this issue will include an article on the new Pioneer release El Hazard

New Anime Projects releases

Delays from the BBFC have put back Bubblegum Crisis 3 until 31st July, when it will be released along with BGC 4, Urusei Yatsura TV 5 & 6 and Oh My Goddess! 4. OMG 5 and BGC 5 will follow on 29th August. September will see a new title, the Super Deformed Double Feature, consisting of 10 Little Gal Force and Scramble Wars on a single tape. Another new title is scheduled for October, but they can't say what it is yet.

>On the merchandising front, the Bubble Gum Crisis miniatures will soon be joined by a series of resin kits. First in August will be a 1/6th scale Misty May, then a 1/6th scale Nene (from BGC) in September, and finaly a 1/8th scale Lum in October. The Lum kit is being made by Ground Zero Games, the company that produced the BGC miniatures, and the Nene and Misty May figures are designed by Aiden Anderson, an American sculptor. Prices are expected to be about $70-$80 per figure.

Kekko Kamen banned

Kekko Kamen, the second release by new company East2West, has been refused a video certificate by the BBFC. This is the first anime ever to be completely banned in the UK.