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Official Blurb:

"In the tradition of Marvel Comic and DC Comic characters comes MOLDIVER, an American style superhero set in the futuristic world of 21st century Tokyo and one of the first series to be launched by PIONEER LDCE's brand new Japanese animation video label. A thrilling action comedy series, MOLDIVER is directed and character designed by the famed HIROYUKI KITAZUME, well known for his illustration of "Gaia-Gear" and character designer of "Gundam ZZ". The concept designs for the Tokyo of tomorrow come from MASAHARU KAWAMORI, director of the internationally acclaimed "Macross (Robo Tech)" series. This superb combination of talent makes MOLDIVER one of the most entertaining, fast paced and original Japanese anime series around today."

"Tokyo in the 21st century is on the brink of overpopulation and a towering forest of buildings. HIROSHI OZORA, a 21 year old genius, works for the Technology Development section for the major "high-tec" enterprise "ZIC". He also is the guardian of his little brother - 12 year old NOZOMU (a pretty smart kid himself) and his handful of a sister MIRAI. MIRAI is a typical 17 year old girl - pretty, obsessed with clothes and boys and she too is well equipped in the brains department. MIRAI is in her second year of the special education programme in the Space Department and ever curious as to what her brother HIROSHI gets up to behind his locked study door. When she's not poking her nose in his business, she is mooning over KOURU MASAKI, her brother's super hunk best friend and a NASA pilot."

"HIROSHI devotes all of his time to developing a "super suit" which repels any kind of energy and shocks, cut through all kinds of materials, accelerates at unimaginable speeds and is able to go through anything. The suit's only weakness is that it is only able to function continuously for 666.6 seconds at a time. MIRAI is dying to know what he is up to but HIROSHI won't even let her have a peek!"

"HIROSHI had been a student of DR. MACHINEGAL, a once brilliant, now utterly mad scientist who loves to collect old machines - from original Formula One racing cars to space shuttles and he'll let nothing stand in the way of his collecting. HlROSHl is unaware of the madness that has taken over his mentor and still sees him as the great teacher he once knew. But MACHINEGAL's obsession has gone too far and he now employs a troop of beautiful but deadly androids to help him steal new additions to add to his collection. Though seemingly harmless on the outside, these androids are finely honed weapons just waiting to obey his every command and are lead by MACHINEGAL's statuesque secretary ISABELLE. It is against them that HIROSHI must use his "super suit" MOLDIVER."

"MIRAI quickly catches on to the true identity of MOLDIVER and has a few ideas of her awn as to how to make aesthetic improvements on the "muscle-bound" suit. After sneaking into HIROSHI's study, she messes around with his equipment until the desired changes have been made. Now there is a MOLDIVER 1 - the manly superhero and MOLDIVER 2 - the ultra feminine suit that strangely resembles MIRAI. The fun begins when HlROSHl calls on the powers of the suit and ends up looking like a cute 17 year old girl! The same for MlRAl when she takes over from HIROSHI on occasion and ends up looking not unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger!"

"And so together, HIROSHI and MIRAI, mild mannered brother and sister by day, become MOLDIVER - SUPERHEROES. Whenever and wherever there is danger, MOLDIVER will appear to save the day. Sometimes clumsy, often reckless, but always with the best intentions, they battle against DR MACHINEGAL's evil plans, thwarting his attempts at world domination at every turn...if only they didn't end up with no clothes on all the time!"

"MOLDIVER is action adventure at its best mixed with uproarious comedy and superb graphics. Kids of all ages will love this series and MOLDIVER is sure to become as famous as the superheroes that have come before. Watch out Superman, Batman and Spiderman...there's a new hero in town and the name is MOLDIVER!"

Director:         Hiroyuki Kitazume
Screenplay:       Manabu Nakamura (eps.1&6)/Ryoei Tsukimura (eps.2-5)
Character design: Hiroyuki Kitazume
Copyright:        AIC/Pioneer LDC Inc.

VHS release:
Language:         English
Label:            Pioneer

Volume:           1               2               3
Running time:     60 mins         60 mins         60 mins
Certificate:      PG              PG              PG
Catalogue no:     PIO 10003       PIO 10004       PIO 10008
Price:            £12.99          £12.99          £12.99
Release Date:     10th Oct 1994   10th Oct 1994   13th Feb 1995


The Japanese have never quite embraced the American superhero concept, so any superhero anime is most likely to be a parody, as is the case with Moldiver.

The Moldiver unit is a super-suit that allows the user to circumvent all the laws of physics. The inventor Hiroshi Ozora wants to use it to become a superhero, but hasn't reckoned with his younger sister Mirai, who inadvertently redesigns the suit to her own taste. The first two episodes concern the efforts of the nefarious Professor Machinegal to add to his antique collection. As this is the 21st century, this involves stealing a Formula 1 car in the first episode, and a space shuttle in the second.

Moldiver scores over Tenchi Muyo on plot, but falls just short on cute. There are lots of nice touches throughout the series that have been faithfully reproduced in this English version. Some people who have seen both versions have claimed that the English dub is superior to the Japanese, and I can well believe this. [Jonathan Weeks]

When asked to review this release from Pioneer Video I willingly agreed as I thought that the opportunity to release some serious anger on a particularly crap piece of anime would be surely welcome. But NO!!! AAGGGH!! My plans were thwarted. This new piece of animation that was to be the punchbag of my literary fisticuffs actually managed to piss me off. Because it was good. I enjoyed it (hanging my head in shame).

Okay, it's no Crying Freeman or Wind of Amnesia (i.e. anime with a plot and sense of realism), but as an example of honest to goodness fun that anyone can enjoy, it holds its head high and does itself proud. The immediate impressions of this film make you notice influences from both Project A-Ko and Catgirl: Nuku-Nuku.

Plot lines: A young genius discovers a way of developing a suit with almost invincible and certainly astounding powers with which he can aid mankind against a bad guy who must have been a hybrid between My Miyagi from Karate Kid and Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

I only have two gripes about these episodes - A teen pop idol whose fashion sense would make even Barbie puke, and the theme music. All in all I must admit that I enjoyed this humour filled (if only slightly superficial) new release (even the irritatingly happy ending). [Matthew Bodery] x