Princess Minerva

Official Blurb:

"A.D. Vision UK returns to the mythical magic of the sword and sorcery genre once again with Princess Minerva. A half humorous, half serious storyline features a discontented Princess who fancies herself as a crusading heroine. Princess Minerva's tremendous effort to learn sword fighting finally pays off when her peaceful neighbourhood becomes the venue for an all-female warrior tournament! When a sinister sorceress kidnaps Minerva's own personal bodyguard, the Princess gets the chance to show the world what she's really made of! A high-quality animated production seasoned with a plentiful supply of gags."

Director:        Yoshihiro Yamaguchi
Screenplay:      Hideki Sonoda
Copyright:       Ko Maisaka/Run Ishida/RED/Toho/Group TAC

Language Format: Japanese Language, English Subtitles
Running time:    45 mins
Certificate:     12
Label:           ADV Films
Catalogue no:    VHSPM/001
Price:           £12.99
Release Date:    August 1996


A sub-standard Dragon Half wannabe, with every production cliche in the book. If you were hospitalised by Dragon Half then you'll enjoy this, but otherwise you can take it or leave it. [Jonathan Weeks]