Minamicon 6 Photos

Minamicon 6 was an anime convention held at the Novotel, Southampton on 17th-19th March 2000. Here are some photos I took over the course of the weekend:


The Hotel.
The audience at the opening ceremony. Why is everyone standing at the back?
Pokemon abuse is now a major problem.
Dragon and the con seal perform the opening ceremony.
The rest of the committee are introduced.


Registration again.
Video room 1 in full swing.
The dealers room. Look at the size of that queue!
The games room. PS2 alert!
The quiz.
The other quiz.
The masquerade. Very poor this year.
The masquerade photo call.
The auction seemed to consist entirely of UFO catcher dolls.


The artist's alley took place in the middle of the dealers room.
Dragon conducts the closing ceremony.

All photos copyright Jonathan Weeks.