volume 2 sleeve

Director:        Koichi Ohata
Screenplay:      Riku Sanjyo
Copyright:       Central Park Media Corporation/Koichi Ohata/Riku Sanjyo/
                 Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd./Columbia Music Publishing., Ltd.

Label:           Kiseki Films
Language Format: English Language
Running time:    50/45
Certificate:     15/15
Catalogue no:    KIS 93054/KIS 93055
Price:           £10.99 each
Release Date:    7th April/June 1997

DVD version:
Label:           Kiseki Films
Language Format: English Language
Running time:    95 mins
Certificate:     15
Catalogue no:    KIS61015
Price:           £19.99
Release Date:    3rd May 1999

Comment from newsgroups:

Frank Summers:
     MD Giest was one of my first animes I ever bought, well after grabb'n as many 
Starblazer and Robotech eps. as I could. I was so enthralled when I found MDG 2  in the 
store, that I snagged it out of my friend's hand and bought it. 
     First off, I think its main problem was that it had to be _the_ worst dub I've ever 
seen. Krauser, the main baddie, was a whinny loud mouth, and Giest sounded like he 
suffered from strep throat. That is, the few times that Giest was even in it!
     The story didn't have that drive the original did. I just didn't get that disgusted 
feeling that Jerra _truely_ was a horrible place to live. Which brings me to my next 
     Though I know that the art doesn't make a good flick, in this case it certainly 
couldn't hurt. While MDG didn't have the best animation, its charaters were detailed and 
propotioate (talking symetry here!), and its backgrouds were horrifically and 
professioally rendered. MDG 2 lacked that edge and rises nothing above an oridinary 
afternoon cartoon.

Anne Packrat:
Watching MD Geist is comparable to having toenails ripped out
by an blind manicurist using half a pair of scissors.

Jorge R. Frank:
I'd rather pry my eyeballs out with a claw hammer than watch MD Geist