Metal Angel Marie

video sleeve

Official Blurb:

[This is the exact text from the press release]:

"Are you still searching for perfect girl? Imagine what it would be like if you could create you own! Well if your looking to make your own perfect girl, Metal Angel Marie may be considered a research for the task. Filled with smooth lines of animation and a beautiful cast of characters we think you'll like what you see."

[From the video sleeve]:

"Ever met the perfect girl? Did she have the perfect boyfriend? Feel like you can't compete? Why not build your own? When an amateur mad scientist attempts to build a robotic duplicate of his dream girl, Marie is the result. Of course, there are the usual unexpected complications. He built her so well that Marie has a mind of her own and a while host of questions to go with it. The same questions that each of us ask of life. Where did I come from, Why am I here? Why do I look just like that girl over there?! Well, perhaps we don't all have to worry about that, but Marie does!"

Original Story:     Sakura Takeuchi, Goro Sanyo
Director:           Tomomi Mochizuki
Screenplay:         Gou Sakamoto
Character design:   Hiroto Tanaka
Animation director: Hiroto Tanaka
Music:              Hisaaki Hogari
Copyright:          Sakura Takeuchi/Goro Sanyo/Shueisha/
                    Victor Entertainment/Studio Perriot

English soundtrack:
Translation:        Masako Arakawa, Chris Hutts
Script:             L.B. Bartolomee, Gary Dehan
Director:           Gary Dehan

VHS version:
Language:           English
Label:              ADV Films
Running time:       80 mins
Certificate:        15
Catalogue no:       VHSMD/001D
Price:              £12.99
Release Date:       17th January 2000


Young Hiroshi, an orphaned techno-wizard, is lonely and in love with his next door neighbour, a girl named Marie. However, he is to shy to ask her out on a date, so he does the next best thing: builds a robot double (who looks exactly identical and is also named Marie). Will Hiroshi overcome himself and find true love with the real Marie?

This is, on the whole, good fun. There are three episodes in total on the video (they only made three), making it good value. The dub isn't bad (one of ADV's better ones) and it's a nice way to while away an afternoon. The one grumble is that this is an incomplete story - there is no conclusive ending, although apparently the manga on which this is based didn't have one either.

If you like love comedies, of which only a few ever see these shores, then buy this. It's non-offensive, and as I said good fun, and I personally want to see more shows in this genre released here.

Grade: A [Daniel Fawcett]