Dominion:Phantom of the Audience

by Masamune Shirow. Dark Horse

This Special edition by Masamune Shirow is a little different to the Original Dominion published By Eclipse. It still has all the old characters and the same great forever changing style. But this issue has more built-in comedy. The plot is the same as ever with the Tank Police firefighting trouble.

This time they get called out to control a demonstration at a Smartball game. Smartball kills roughly half a player a game, mainly due to players' bacterial filters being knocked off. Although Leona and Bonaparte II are sent to control the crowd, Leona being Leona soon takes things into her own hands.

She "visits" the main sponsor of Smartball Kenny PaurGrabb, who happens to be running for Major to find out what he is going to do about Smartball. Rather predictably she gets suspended from the Tank police, and resigns! What will happen? Buy it and see. [Steve Whitcher]