Caravan Kidd

by Johji Manabe. Dark Horse Comics

Caravan Kidd is by Johji Manabe, and it shows. It is almost exactly like his Outlanders. This has put some people off this series as it isn't quite the same quality of Outlanders, but I really like it.

It follows the luck (or such that be the bad luck) of Mian and her two "pets" Wataru and Babo. Mian who is a fugitive android rescues Wataru (who is a human) and Babo (who is a entrepreneur blob!), claims them as her properties and fits them with collars and leads.

They make a strange group as the travel around the planet, causing chaos where-ever they go. Mian fighting, Babo making money and Wataru falling in love with Mian. But, they always seem to survive, but trouble is never far behind.

If you haven't come across Caravan Kidd before, then it is well worth a look at, its got a charm of its own. If you are a fan of Manabe its a must for your collection. [Steve Whitcher]