Bio-Booster Guyver

by Yoshiki Takaya. Viz Comics

Bio-Booster Guyver is a Manga Video type title, and indeed the people at MV are going to release the anime version of this manga. The life of a high school boy (Sho) is totally transferred the day he is out walking with a school chum.

He discovers a Guyver unit, which has been stolen from an experimental lab. Unfortunately the Owners have discovered their loss and are out looking to recover the unit. Sho and Tetsuro discover the soldiers looking for the unit, who try to kill them to keep them quiet. Fortunately for the boys, the Guyver unit attaches it self to Sho and he becomes The Guyver.

The guyver unit is the latest in genetic weaponry. It transforms a normal soldier into a huge armoured fighting machine.

This is a well drawn title, but again I don't think that it cam be compared to the more established titles. If you like genetic mutant style manga this is a title for your collection. A strange twist to this title is that it is set in a school. And with a girl that makes Sailor Moon look like an old crone, it's a very strange mix. [Steve Whitcher]