Change Commander Goku

by Ippongi Bang. Antarctic Press

Yep another example of Ippongi Bang's work, but this time without the sex, so no Mature sticker on the cover!

Bang's style is cute and funny, and Change Commander Goku is a Superhero parody. So as you would expect the superhero called Goku is not your regular hero. His sense of direction makes Ryouga from Ranma 1/2 look like a professional tour guide. He eats faster than Rei from Lum, and he is embarrassed by his superhero costume.

Superheroism runs in his family, his sister is the famous Miss Honey flash. Unfortunately for Goku all his school friends have fallen in love with Miss Honey, but they don't know that she is his big sister.

Goku has been looked after by his sister since their parents died in an unexplainable plane crash. His father was a scientist ahead of his time, and was killed because of it, he did leave something behind, the technology to make his children superheroes.

Only four issues have been published by Antarctic Press which is a pity, but looking around for copies is well worth it. [Steve Whitcher]