Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal

Adam Warren et al. Dark Horse Comics

If there wasn't enough Manga in the World, Dark Horse have sat down and Commissioned some more. This is an American comic that pretends to be Manga. Having said that, it's good, a sort of Japanese/American hybrid comic. It's good for an American comic, its full colour printed on glossy paper and all for $2.50.

The first issue of four is an introduction to the series, as most of you will know The Bubblegum Crisis series I will not repeat it all. But this first issue just sets the scene, presumably for anyone not familiar with the anime.

Its style is a bit strange, a sort of textual and pictorial collage of snippets of info, which works quite well.

Its good value for money, but don't expect it to look 100% Japanese. [Steve Whitcher]