Amazing Strip

by Ippongi Bang. Antarctic Press

Ippongi Bang is a creator that I hadn't come across before, and I expect that I may not be alone. This is a Mature Reader title, and I wouldn't recommend it for young readers, it is a bit juvenile, but I thought that it was quite funny.

I like Bang's artwork, it is cute, a bit risquè, and works well. The plot is both simple and confusing. The story is about a boy whose mother is kidnapped into the future. She is rescued by her own son who gets her pregnant, and the resultant baby is the son himself.

This sounds pretty tacky, and I am sure the media would have a field day if they came across a copy. But it much more tasteful than a Manga Video, and is legal. I thought it was quite funny, but it may not be everyone's cup of sake. Only 3800 copies of this were printed, so it may be hard to get hold of. [Steve Whitcher]