Love City

video sleeve

Official Blurb:

"Supernatural beasties, cyborgs and monsters make this beautifully rendered film by Toho Co. Ltd., KK Movic, and Ashi Production. This is a feature length story about rivalries and struggles within a mysterous organisation called the Headmeters. Kay, a Headmeter cyborg, and Ai, a pretty young girl are on the run from the organisation, pursued by the minions of the Headmeter leader, Leigh. Ai has the abllity to intensify the extra-sensory powers of others, making her a Powerful weapon in any struggle, and Leigh wants her on his side so that he can destroy a rival Headmeter, Lyrochin".

Director:        Koichi Mashita
Screenplay:      Hideki Sonoda
Copyright:       Toho Co. Ltd./Movic Inc./Ashi Production Inc.

Language Format: Japanese Language, English Subtitles
Running time:    100 mins
Certificate:     12
Label:           Western Connection
Catalogue no:    WEST 043
Price:           £13.99
Release Date:    26th June 1995


An odd movie made in 1986 that tries to be a poor man's AKIRA, complete with psychics, motorcycles, genetic manipulation and so forth, but on a low budget fails to carry it off. It's all rather under-explained, and more than a little surreal, with apparently solid cityscapes developing torn holes into somewhere else when under psychic attack. but the theme is one of genetic manipulation, with the main characters fighting over 'Ai' a cute-looking young girl who has been artificially created and whose body contains a secret code (I think).

There are some characters called 'Frauds' (don't ask). The 'Headmeters' are psychics with digital readouts on their foreheads which display the intensity of their psychic powers. The "Tuned Men' are (I think) androids. If I'd been more interested I would have tried to find out the answers to all these questions.

'Ai' also means 'Love'; while AI = Artificial Intelligence, so the title is a pun that can means "love City" or "AI City". It does not, with a British cert 15, means what you thought it meant, you dirty lot...

It's interesting in places but in others it just gets lost in cheap looking effects. One for completists or anime journalists; others should be able to find a better video to spend their money on. [Geoff Cowie]