video sleeve

Official Blurb:

"The future... urban civilisation has broken down; the crumbling tower blocks and great cities are sinking into ruin as greenery encroaches everywhere. Man's greed, though, is as active as ever, and for those who still have access to power armour and the other trapping of high technology, the new Holy Grail is an almost mythical source of energy locked in a vast underground complex. The beautiful and hot-tempered Yuta is the key...".

Director:        Hiroshi Negishi
Screenplay:      Hideki Sonoda
Copyright:       Toho/Ashi Production

Language Format: Japanese Language, English Subtitles
Running time:    48 mins
Certificate:     12
Label:           Western Connection
Catalogue no:    WEST 042
Price:           £8.99
Release Date:    30th May 1995


I couldn't remember a thing about this till I dug the tape out and re-ran it. The characters are all looking for a mythical something hidden at a secret location. The setting is the future after the fall of civilisation; though the human and near-human characters seem to live quite comfortably and use a variety of vehicles. There are also some nasty androids who have some BIG robots. The scene on the cover appears nowhere in the video. It's quite pretty in places and mildly diverting, but I couldn't advise you to spend your money on it unless you are a completist or need it to research your dissertation. [Geoff Cowie]